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There are no stupid questions

What is Voice Agents?
Voice Agents is a supplier of sound production, which possesses an immense range of high quality professional voice talents for all kinds of media production.

How much will it cost?
This will depend on many various factors, such as type of voice, type of exposure (Where will the voice be heard?), language, and the length of the script.

How long is the delivery time?
This will range from a couple of hours up to 48 hours for the most advanced type of readings.

How do I acquire the services of Voice Agents?
Call us at +46 11 20 07 40, email us at, or simply submit your request on our website under ”My favorites”.

In what formats can Voice Agents work with?
We can receive and deliver material in any necessary format.

Can I be present during the recording?
Of course! You can be present in whatever way possible: physically on site, over the phone, or on Skype.

Can I change my script after the agreement is made?
If the recording has not yet taken place, the script can be changed. However, if the change is made after the recording, there will be extra cost for the additional recording.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the recording?
If the recording does not meet your expectations in terms of pronunciation, tone, tempo, or accent, we can make a new recording at no extra cost. However, such occasions are rare, because we always carefully go through every detail with you before the recording. You may also be present for the recording, in order to reassure yourself that the results meet your expectations.

Can the same voice talent make the recording in both Swedish and English?
For best results, we strongly recommend that the voice talents record only in their native language.

How are the files delivered to me?
We can deliver the files in any way you wish. Some common ways are via email, FTP, or a file transfer service given the type of recording.

What is sound processing?
Just like a photographer refines his pictures in Photoshop, we refine the audio from our recordings. This is sound processing. We do everything that we possibly can, in order to make the audio sound as good as possible.

If you lack the resources to process the sound yourself, we recommend that you leave the sound processing to us.

How do I pay?
By invoice. However, we hope to enable PayPal payments in the near future.

Can Voice Agents help me add in voices to my film?
Yes. We have professional-grade equipment for sound and picture post-production, and we can help you add and sync in your sound to your picture.


Does Voice Agents produce radio ads?
Yes, we have extensive experience in producing radio ads, and we will gladly help you with every step from the script writing to the final mix.

Can I come to Voice Agents to record myself?
Yes, you are welcome to our facility to make the recording.

Can the voice talent, whom I chose, make a test recording of my script, so I can make sure that he or she is the correct choice?
Many of our talents can make a test recording for free or at a minimal cost.

I cannot find what I am looking for. Are all your voice talents present on the website?

No, not all are present on our website.

Because our voice archive is so enormous, we have only chosen to post talents who we work with regularly. However, we will gladly send you voice samplings from additional talents, if you have very specific needs that are not met from our website search.

If you do not find the desired voice from our archive, we will still make sure that we find the right one for you.