This is how you search

Search settings


You can only select one language at a time to search among. Default is to search for all languages.


Default is to search for both men and women. Selected gender is marked yellow.

Voice type

There are three voice types to choose from;

Selected voice types are marked yellow and are checked. Default is to search for all voice types.

How does the search work?

When you've made your selections you start the search by pressing the button "Find voices". A panel is displayed underneath the search form saying that the search has started. Meanwhile the searchbutton is disabled, so you have to wait for the search to finish to do another search. When the search is done, the panel is replaced with the search results.
At the same time, the list of your favorite voices is gathered from a cookie in your browser and displayed in a panel to the right or below the search results depending on available space.

Your search settings are saved in a cookie in your browser and remains there for a year. Next time you visit Voice Agents, the voice search will remember your last used settings.

The search results

The results of the voice search is displayed in a list underneath the search results. The list contains each persons name, gender and buttons to play audioclips for the different voice types available; Advertising, Narration and Character. These buttons are displayed only for the voice types each person have in their profile. There's also a button for each person to add them to your list "My favorites", where you can easily gather all your favorite voices for comparison or send with an inquiry to us. The list "My favorites" is available to the right of, or below, the list with the search results depending on available space.